BREAKING NEWS: Beaufort/Leslie Fire Battles Brush Fire - "Someone Told Me To Burn My Trash"

Above is where an individual was burning trash in the barrel which resulted into homes sustaining damage. (More photos and video footage once we return from Leslie.)

LESLIE, Mo. - At this time there is not a single fire department in Franklin County that does not have crews out battling brush fires, leaving volunteer fire departments tapped for resources.

At approximately 5 p.m. this evening Beaufort/Leslie fire initially responded to the area between Leslie and East Avenue for a brush, which was quickly upgraded to a first alarm structure fire after it quickly spread to two neighboring homes.

The fire was caused by an individual burning trash inside a barrel.  The individual told QuickNewsNow, “I didn’t know there was trash service and I have all this trash stacked up on my deck and someone told me to just burn it in a barrel.”

“I was outside making sure the flames didn’t get above the barrel but then had to go inside for a second and when I came out grass was burning and started to spread.”

The fire quickly moved through dry-dead vegetation towards one trailer, causing damage to the exterior and some minor damage inside.  With winds still gusting up to 20mph at the time of the fire, which then spread towards a second home, approximately 50 yards from the barrel, causing exterior damage to it.

Beaufort/Leslie Fire Chief Terry Feth said, “Now is not the time to be burning.  Everything is dry and dead not to mention how windy it has been the past two days.  We urge people to wait until things green up when everything is not so dry.”

At the time of this call Beaufort/Leslie already had crews assisting Union and St. Clair who are working two large brush fires.  In fact a brush/tanker truck task force was established where every department in Franklin County has at least one truck assisting.

We will have more information once return from Leslie about one of the wildest days fire crews in Franklin County have seen.

Click here to watch our live report from the scene.