Beaufort/Leslie Fire Crews Respond To Brush Fire After Careless Burning

The National Weather Service in St Louis has issued a Red Flag Fire Warning for wind and low relative humidity which is in effect from noon today until 5 PM CST this afternoon.

Beaufort, Mo. - Extreme dry conditions combined with wind speeds steady at 20 mph and gusting up to 40 and 50 mph did not prevent one individual from lighting a small fire earlier this afternoon, which lead to Beaufort/Leslie Fire crews having to respond after the fire quickly began to spread.

Residents have continued to ignore warnings about burning, particularly with gusty winds over the past week, keeping volunteer fire departments busy across Franklin County. (Full story below.  We also spoke with Franklin County on the number of brush fire just in the past week.)

Franklin County Communication Commander, Eileen Stapp told QNN, “In the past week we’ve had 10 brush fires, however this does not include Washington, St. Clair, or Pacific who are dispatched by different agencies.  If you include them I would estimate that county-wide fire crews have responded to approximately 15 fires total.

Fire Crews were dispatched at approximately 12:15 to a residence on Adams Scenic Trail, approximately 2.5 miles east of Highway 185 off of Old State Road in Beaufort.

Pictured right:  Is the small fire that led to volunteer firefighters with Beaufort/Leslie Fire's response this afternoon and spending two hours of their own time.  All because people refuse to use caution when burning.

Thanks to Beaufort/Leslie Fire Crews’ quick response, they were able contain the fire to only one acre being burned.  A creek at the bottom of the hill also helped slow down the fire from spreading but there were a few areas where the fire jumped the creek and began burning on the other side.

The Department of Natural Resources allows people to burn this time of the year, however it is important to understand that when grass, weeds, or any other type of vegetation is brown that means it is dry which is no different than when grass becomes golden brown during dry periods in the summer.

Even burning inside a barrel can lead to large brush fires, which was the case last Friday when Beaufort/Leslie Fire spent over eight hours battling a fire that began from an individual burning inside a barrel and a few hot ambers escaped, starting a fire that destroyed two structures.