Colt Ford and LoCash Cowboys Rocked Owensville

Can Hunter Hayes top last nights concert?

Watch footage of last night's concert below.

Owensville, Mo. - Saturday has finally arrived - the day everyone has been talking about; that is, up until last when the LoCash Cowboys and Colt Ford rocked the Gasconade County Fair.  That is all people are talking about this morning.

All week, hype about Hunter Hayes has been the topic of discussion, similarly to last year at the Washington Town and Country Fair.   There was more excitement about Gretchen Wilson performing, prior to Jake Owen putting on one of the greatest concerts the fair had seen, drawing a record Thursday crowd.  This was then only to have Gretchen Wilson come out on Friday and put everyone to sleep with her lack luster performance.

Right away we knew last night's concert was going to be one for the ages after Preston Brust came out on stage with a bright orange Owensville Dutchmen t-shirt that he and Chris Lucas picked up at Wal-Mart.

While Colt Ford was doing sound checks on stage earlier that afternoon, two young girls asked for an autograph.  He not only stopped in the middle of his sound check to give the two an autograph, but he also brought them on stage for a photo.

Jake Owen proved last year in Washington that your name means nothing; your performance means everything.

Colt Ford and the LoCash Cowboys have set the bar high, the only question left unanswered is will Hunter Hayes be able to top it or will he pull a Gretchen Wilson flop.

We shall see and you can count on for complete coverage of today's predicted madness.