Confirmed Tornado Touchdown Wednesday Night Near St. Albans, Mo

The NWS provided an illistration, showing the path of a confirmed tornado touchdown near St. Albans.

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Franklin County, Mo. – Early Friday evening the National Weather Service released their second Storm Damage Survey Results after powerful storms hit areas across Franklin County.

This evenings report confirms a tornado touching down near St. Albans, Mo.

The NWS released their first report late Thursday night saying, “Several Microbursts occurred within the Sullivan area, producing narrow swaths of significant straight line winds with speeds of 100 mph reported by an automated weather station at the Sullivan Airport.”

“Surprisingly the line of storms that surged passed the airport left behind relatively minor damage.”

The line of thunderstorms that pounded much of southern and eastern Franklin County produced widespread winds of 40 to 60 mph along the I-44 corridor, stretching from Cuba, Mo. to Pacific, Mo. where several microbursts occurred.

The first microburst occurred three miles east-northeast of Bourbon, Mo. leaving thousands of homes without power, demolishing a barn by winds estimated to be around 100 mph.  The microburst uprooted four large trees, leaving numerous homes damaged by flying debris.

We now know that a third microburst, producing winds in excess of 100 mph was the cause extensive and devastating damages to Jurgens Trailer Park, totally destroying one mobile home and others sustaining varying degrees of damage.

Early Friday evening the NWS confirmed that an EF-1 Tornado touched down in the Labadie Bottoms approximately one half mile north of St. Albans at 7:38 p.m.

The size of the tornado was two football fields wide, traveling 1.5 miles before it lifted East-Northeast of St. Albans Island.

The EF-1 tornado lasted for approximately one minute, producing winds estimated at 100 mph, and the cause of extensive tree damage.

The NWS has officially confirmed there were no storm related deaths only minor injuries reported in the Sullivan Area.