Dick Ochsner Lake or Ball Park - Where Is The Water Going To Go

Pictured is Hermann's Baseball Field submerged and no where for the water to go.

Hermann, Mo. - You probably have the same question we had after driving past Dick Ochsner Ball Park earlier this evening; where is the water going to go?

If you takeaway the scoreboard and fence, tourist would assume Hermann had a beautiful lake, not realizing the perfectly built levy is meant to keep water out and not hold it in.

Earlier this evening after driving past Ochsner "Lake" Ball Field we asked numerous people at the gas station and lumber yard, hoping they might know the answer.  Instead we got the  same response, "I was wondering the same thing."

According to the Hermann Parks Department there is a large drainage door located on the side of the field closest to the Hermann Pool.

Last Friday when the river began rising at a rapid rate, Frene Creek topped the levy before anyone was able to open the drainage door, thus turning a ballfield into a lake.

The Parks Department has been pumping out water and will continue doing so until they are able to open the storm drain.  As it stands we estimated approximately 10 feet of water currently covers the drain.

One question asked was if someone could simply go under water and open the door, however doing so would create a massive vacuum, possibly sucking them down the drain.  It would require a highly trained scuba diver to attempt such a task with no guarantees they would not be severely injured.

Monday, park employees will resume pumping out water until they are able to reach the drain door.