East Central College names Ray Steinhoff Alumni of the Month

Photo by Kyle Quick

--New Haven Varsity Coach Ray Steinhoff was recently named East Central College Alumni of the Month.

There have been countless articles written about Steinhoff’s success throughout his coaching career, however many do not know that he was a pretty good basketball player "back in the day".

In fact, he played for East Central while attending school there from 1976-1978.

Many may not know that Steinhoff played basketball at Orchard Farm where he attended high school.  While playing at ECC, he was on one of the best teams in the history of ECC basketball.

To read the article highlighting Steinhoff as ECC’s Alumni of the Month, click here.

Quick News found it to be ironic that one of Steinhoff’s high school colors is green.

The saying “love will find you” holds a lot of truth; Ray’s wife Ruth also attended East Central College.

Ruth was one year ahead of Ray, but during his freshman year they happened to take a tennis class together and then both attended South East Missouri State College.

However, it was years later, after both were hired at New Haven, before they ever met.

Make sure to read the article on East Central’s website.  It’s a great article to read.

*Note some of the information above was taken from ECC’s article.