Famous Missourians Come To Life At Franklin County R-2's Wax Museum

Pictured is the William Bent exhibt. (Isaac Lekey)

NEW HAVEN, Mo. - With A touch of a button famous Missourians from NASCAR driver Carl Edwards to former President Harry S Truman came to life to tell their life stories at Franklin County R-2’s “Famous Missourian Wax Museum” Wednesday afternoon.

As part of learning about Missouri’s history, R-2’s fourth grade students each chose a famous Missourian of interest.  Leading up to Wednesday, students researched and learned everything about the person they chose.

When you pushed the button of Carl Edwards (Marcus Brown) he can to life saying, “On your mark get set go.  Hi I’m Carl Edwards.  I was born in Columbia, Mo on August 15th 1979.

I graduated from Rock Bridge high school in 1997.  I did not plan to attend college but with state assistance I decided to attend the University of Missouri in my hometown of Columbia. 

I decided after three semesters of studying engineering University of Missouri was not working so I pursed my career goals in racing…. In my free time I pose for pictures in magazines and have appeared on WWE.”

After writing a research paper, each student put together an exhibit display, posing as the Missourian they chose.

Pictured is Ella Ewing (McKenna Tyree).

Excerpt from McKenna's speach.

"Hi.  I am Ella Ewing.  I was born in La Grange, Mo on March 9th, 1872... I was considered the world's tallest women of my era, growing to be 8'4''."

As visitors toured the “Wax Museum”, students recited their research paper from memory, giving visitors a brief historical background.

The amount of detail and work each student put into making their exhibit were like ones you would see at an actual museum.

Here is a list of all the Famous Missourian exhibts that were on display.

Harry S. Truman - Adam Homeyer

Sacajawea - Haylie Hudson

Ella Ewing - McKenna Tyree

Shannon Miller - Ava Vandergriffe

Carl Edwards - Marcus Brown

William Bent - Isaac Lekey

Ozzie Smith - Brayden Lensing

Bob Barker - Darren Armfield

Jane Froman - Clair Scheer

Betty Grable - Natalie Covington

Laura Ingalls Wilder - Lexi Feidmann