Franklin County R-II PTO Donates $25,000 In Playground Equipment

New Haven, Mo. - Thanks to the Franklin County R-II PTO, students returned for the start of a new school year on Wednesday and a brand new set of playground equipment.

PTO President Kathy Vandergriffe said, "Last year at each of our three main fundraisers, we promoted that all funds would go towards the purchasing new playground equipment and the response we received was absolutely amazing."

Each year the PTO holds three main fundraisers: Husky Hundred Tickets, Pizza Sales, and the popular Fall Dinner/Auction/Carnival.  Along with some funds set aside from the previous year, they were able to purchase $25,000 in equipment.

Vandergriffe said, "Without the awesome support of the community, none of this would have been possible!  In the times of financial uncertainty small districts must look to the support of a strong Parent/Teacher Organization (PTO) that is backed by generous community support!  At R-II, we are fortunate to have that!"

Vandergriffe also want to thank:

"Kevin Vandegriffe, Steve Williams and Matt Hinten.  These are the three dads who donated 55+ hours of free labor to install the equipment.

Justn Sheible, R-II alumni donated an evening.  They are amazingly generous to give their time."

"Thank you to New Haven Lumber for donating their concrete mixer, Franklin County Construction and Rick Vandegriffe Roofing for donating equipment, and to everyone who has ever supported the R-II PTO in our fundraising efforts."