Franklin County Sheriff's Department now has a smartphone "app"

Union, Mo. - The Franklin County Sheriff’s Department is joining the “app” revolution with the release of their very own smartphone application, MOFranklinSO.  Franklin County Sheriff Gary Toelke spoke with Quick News about the features and how citizens will benefit from this free app.

Sheriff Toelke said, “The app has several different features, one of them is allowing us to send out mass amounts of information when we are actively searching for a suspect."

"Perfect example is the incident we had earlier this week on Tuesday.  The app also allows us to send out an alert when a child may go missing and press releases.  Basically important information we need the public to know about as fast as possible, this app gives us that ability.”

Toelke said he feels the app will be mostly to see where a particular inmate is at as well as sex offender registration information.  Citizens will also be able to some of the active warrants that have been issued.

Toelke said, “This program was initiated earlier this summer by the Sheriff’s Association and offered to any county wanting to participate.  As mentioned the app is free to download and there is no cost to our department.  The app is funded through advertisements within the application.”

“Jefferson County has already launched their app as well.
Click here to download their app.

The Sheriff’s Department is currently in the building stages and will be adding more features in the future.

Currently the app is only available for Android based operating systems; however, it will be available for iPhones very soon.

Once all of the features are active this will be a vital asset to the community as well as the Sheriff’s Department.  “In the past we have relied on the media to get information out, which that will not change, this will be just one more resource we will be able to utilize.”

Click here to download the Franklin County Sherriff’s Department app from Google apps.

As soon as the iPhone version is released we will make sure to provide information on access it.