Gasconade County Fair Field Class and Gateway Tractor Pull Results

By Kaylin Bade.  Pictured left, Trent Guerrant of Hermann.

Field Class Tractor Pull Results, Gasconade County Fair

5,500 lb.
1st Place: Leonard Ley, Villa Ridge
2nd Place: Bryan Ley, Washington
3rd Place: Nick Gerling, New Haven
4th Place: Ray Tucker

7,500 lb.
1st Place: Ray Schowe, New Haven
2nd Place: Ron Gerlemann, Dissen
3rd Place: Mike Steinbeck, New Haven
4th Place: Wyatt Herberle

9,500 lb.
1st Place: Howard Borcherding, Dissen 
2nd Place: Nathan Klenke, Union
3rd Place: Dustin TenEyck, Union
4th Place: Austin Redhage, Union

11,500 lb.
1st Place: Charlie Hatfield, Union
2nd Place: Kent Kundert, Union
3rd Place: Trent Guerrant, Hermann
4th Place: Alan Hilkerbaumer, Union

13,500 lb.
1st Place: Corey Kloppe, New Haven
2nd Place: Alex Gerlemann, New Haven
3rd Place: Charlie Hatfield, Union
4th Place: Bryan Ley, Washington

17,000 lb.
1st Place: Ryan Huellinghoff, Union
2nd Place: Eric Jansen
3rd Place: Jamie Decker
4th Place: Mike Clapper

Pictured below, Charlie Hatfield of Union.

Gatway TPA Results

9,200 lb. Super Farm Tractor
1st Place: Tom Bruckerhoff, Gerald.  1066 International, "Spare Parts".
2nd Place: Barry Kormeier, New Haven.  4010 John Deere, "Grow'n Up Green".
3rd Place: Kenny Schowe, New Haven.  7080 Allis Chalmers, "SchoTime II".
4th Place: Shawn Borgmann, Warrenton.  1256 International, "Legally Red".
5th Place:  Dale Hackmann, Marthasville.  D21 Allis Chalmers, "Hack Attack".

10,500 lb. Pro Field Tractor
1st Place: Denny Eilers, Beaufort.  1030 Case, "Short Changed".
2nd Place: Lester Holdmeyer, Washington.  D21 Allis Chalmers.
3rd Place: Arnold Hackmann, Marthasville.  D21 Allis Chalmers, "Hack Attack".
4th Place: Michael Kluba, Leslie.  1466 International, "Ol' Rusty".