Hundreds Turn Out For Gerald Community Picnic

Photo by Laura Rothschild

Gerald, Mo. - Hundreds turned out for Saturday's Annual Gerald Community Picnic, which began with a parade and ended with a dazzling fireworks display.

The Gerald Community Picnic has been going on for decades; in fact, most of those we spoke with us couldn't remember when it started, and just said, "We've had a picnic for as long as I can remember."

However, 2002 was officially the first year of today's Gerald Community Picnic after a group of volunteers formed the Gerald Community Picnic Organization.

Left: Dawn Sickendick (Dawn's Face Painting) offered face paintings on Saturday in fact you will probably see here at other local fairs this summer such as the St. Charles County Fair.

This group takes care of organizing the local event that continues to grow each year.

The picnic was kicked off with a parade through the streets of Gerald, lined with hundreds of people and kids walking away with bags full of candy.

Entertainment also included a Kiddie Tractor Pull, Horseshoe Tournament, and live entertainment.

They were able to start the kiddie tracor pull but was interrupted when a small storm cell pased through the area. Photo by Laura Rothschild.

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