Local Youth Giving During Holiday Season

By Kyle Quick

New Haven, Mo. - To often all we read about or see on TV is all the bad things happening around us when actually there are a million times more good being done, especially the young people of our community.

One example I witnessed this afternoon was a group of about 20 kids from Trinity Lutheran Church spend time singing Christmas carols to residents at the New Haven Care Center, which they have been doing every Wednesday during the Christmas Holiday.

To most people this may not have seemed like that big of a deal but  to those living at the care center it was.  It brought smiles their face and happiness and comfort to their hearts that someone does care about them.  Many residents rarely get visitors, so for a small group of kids to take time and color them a picture and sing a few songs meant more than the 20 kids could ever realize.

This is one of many examples of what I like to call “good news” that happens everyday all over the world.  Another example are New Haven Elementary’s Service Leaders collecting food for the local food pantry.

Picture below courtesy of Elleen Roth of students with all the items they have collected.

If you have a “good news” story we want to hear about.  Maybe you would like to say thank you to someone or simply saw another person go out of their way or a complete stranger.

If you would like to share a “good news” story  contact us by email at goodstory@quicknewsnow.com or by phone at 636-359-1018.  You may remain anonymous.