Marine Proposes On Stage During Hunter Hayes Concert At Gasconade County Fair

By Kyle Quick

The complete love story you will only read on QuickNewsNow along with exclusive video.

Tanya and Dan listen to "Wanted" after he proposed on stage.

Owensville, Mo. - Saturday morning began with everyone talking about Hunter Hayes, but ended with everyone talking about the guy who proposed to his girlfriend on stage before Hayes played "Wanted".   This couple’s  love story is one like you'd see in the movies.

Prior to the concert, Dan approached me and explained what he was wanting do; he asked if I would take photos while he proposed.  Of course, I said yes and promised to video him proposing as well.  However, I never would have thought it would happen on stage in front of thousands of people.  Watch our exclusive video below.

Dan and Tanya were high school sweethearts.   After graduating in 1994, the two went their separate ways, hoping to stay in contact.  However, after Dan joined the Marines they quickly drifted apart and began their own lives.

Eighteen years later, in March of 2012, Dan said, "I don't know what made me think of Tanya on her birthday and to wish her happy birthday through Facebook.  It had been 18 years… I mentioned to her about meeting for lunch to talk and catch up."

Two months later, on May 16th, Dan and Tanya met up at the St. Louis Bread Company for lunch.  That is where the amazing love story picked up from where it had left off eighteen years prior, and would lead them to Owensville, Mo.

Tanya said, "The first time I heard "Wanted" on the radio I fell in love with the song because it perfectly describes Dan and I and how we feel about each other."

This love story gets even better.

Earlier this spring after being together for about a year, Dan was ready to pop the question and determined to do it at a Hunter Hayes concert during the song "Wanted" to do it in a big way.

While looking to see where Hunter Hayes would be performing in Missouri he came across Gasconade County Fair and he said, "I was like where is that at?  And found out it was less than two hours away.

Long story short, Dan exhausted every possible resource hoping to get Hunter Hayes to mention that Dan was proposing to Tanya while playing "Wanted".

After being rejected by Hunter's road manager, Dan was determined Saturday to do everything possible to get Hunter the message of what he planned on doing.

Dan said, “I finally got a reply last week saying ‘we wish you the best of luck’.  I thought you know, Hunter probably knows nothing about this.  He kind of seems like the kind of guy who would totally understand what I am trying to do and why."

Before the concert Dan gave it one last chance by asking all the girls in line who were waiting to go backstage and meet Hunter Hayes if each one would say what Dan planned on doing.

When I say determined, I mean Dan was determined.  While the girls waited he ran up and down the line making sure each girl knew their names and what to say.

Dan happened to catch the last girl who met with Hunter and asked her what he said.  She told him that Hunter said, "You know I keep hearing about that."

During the concert Dan said, "I just prayed that maybe just maybe enough girls said something and Hunter would hopefully at the very least mention that I was proposing to Tanya during "Wanted".

As Hunter Hayes was getting ready to play "Wanted" he stopped and said, "We are going to change things up a little bit and asked for Dan to come up on stage."

Dan said to us he could not believe what was happening.  Then Hunter asked for Tanya to come up on stage and at that point Tanya said, "I knew what was about to happen, but could not believe I was on stage in front of thousands of people.  It was surreal."

Dan took the microphone, got down on one knee and asked Tanya, "Will you marry me?"  Without hesitation, Tanya yelled "yes!".   The crowd went crazy and there could not have been a better ending to one of the best Gasconade County Fairs .

On behalf of everyone at QuickNewsNow I would like to wish Dan and Tanya the best of luck and thank them for letting us be apart of truly one of the greatest love stories ever.