Mayor breaks tie in flooring bid votes

By Kaylin Bade.  Stock photo; does not represent scope of flooring bids.

Gerald, Mo. – At a regular meeting of the Gerald Board of Aldermen on Tuesday, September 10, 2013, sealed bids were opened for the flooring of the addition to City Hall. 

Three bids were submitted; Smilin’ Sam’s of Washington bid $9,540.65, Winter’s Home Furnishings of Owensville bid $8,440.00, and Kay Carpet & Furniture submitted $7,171.88 as their total bid for all flooring.  

Kay Carpet was accepted as the flooring provider for the project with the Mayor having to break a tie vote.  Aldermen Wehmeyer and Czeschin voted nay, Aldermen Landwehr and Justus voted aye.  

Mayor Schulte voted aye to break the tie, accepting Kay Carpet.