Missouri River Flooding Update for Hermann and Washington Missouri

Photo courtesy of Rosie Mundwiller; taken yesterday (Friday June 7) morning down at the Hermann River Front.

UPDATED: Friday: 1:30 p.m. - Missouri River Flood reports for Hermann and Washington

Less than five days ago the Missouri River in Hermann was slightly over 33 feet; this afternoon as it continues to fall currently sits at 21.02 feet with the current predictions calling for the river to fall below flood stage (19 feet) by Saturday afternoon.

Five days ago in Washington the mighty Missouri crested at 28.87 feet by this evening will have fallen below flood stage.  The current measurement is reported being 18.6 feet.

Below is amazing aerial video that was taken on Saturday, looking down as people in Berger work to build up their levy.

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Hermann Flood Impacts:

With the river topping 33 feet; The Tri-County Levee District Section One protecting the area south of Rhineland, including the Hermann airport, is overtopped near this level.

The following list shows what areas have already been impacted.

32.5 Hermann Ford and a vacant grocery store on 6th Street begin flooding near this level.

32.29 Market Street (Highway 19) begins flooding near the bridge over Frene Creek.

31.5 Just northeast of Morrison, the Morrison Lower levee is overtopped near this height.

25.9 State Route B in northwest Franklin County west of New Haven is closed near this height.

25.2 The Bait shop just below the bridge floods.

25.1 Katy Trail near Portland Floods

25 City Lions Club Athletic Field begins to flood

Hermann Historical Crests:

(1) 36.97 ft on 07/31/1993
(2) 36.22 ft on 05/19/1995
(3) 35.79 ft on 10/05/1986
(4) 35.50 ft on 06/01/1844
(5) 33.66 ft on 04/24/1973
(6) 33.33 ft on 07/19/1951
(7) 32.85 ft on 02/25/1985
(8) 32.77 ft on 05/17/1990
(9) 32.55 ft on 05/03/1983
(10) 31.70 ft on 09/29/1993

Washington Flood Impact:

29     State Highway 47 begins to flood near Augusta Bottom Road and at Lake Creek Bridge near the Highway 94 turnoff to Dutzow.

26.7     The Holtmeier Levee along the right bank 4 to 5 miles northwest of Washington will overtop near this height.

26.5     The Tuque Creek levee along the left bank between Marthasville and Washington and the Labadie Bottom and St. Albans levees will overtop near this height.

26     Agricultural land on the left bank begins to flood.

24.7     Highway 94 is closed between Schluersburg and Terry Road.

24.5     Augusta Bottom Road begins flooding east of Highway 47.

23.8     Callaway Fork Road north of Highway F begins flooding in western St. Charles County.

23.5     Riverfront Trail 2.25 miles east of the last bench in the woods floods.

22.2 Highway 94 begins flooding 1.5 miles SW of Matson, MO.

21 Wastewater plant turns pumps on.

Sat. 3:45 p.m. According to Lela Pohlmann, who has been providing us updates from Hermann, just informed us that at 3:30 p.m. water was above the bride by Hermann Ford on Main Street.

We just spoke with a National Weather Service Official who explained why the drastic change in river forecast, which was predicted to crest tomorrow morning at 32.1 feet however the lastest report as of 3:45 p.m puts the Missouri River at 32.47 feet.

“Through our Corp Observing Network we have provide data where we then form a rainfall map.  However the simple answer for the drastic change is that more water has made it’s way into the Missouri River faster than anticipated.”

We expect another update within the hour as NWS officials are working on putting together an updated river level forecast.  At this time there has not been a predication for when the river is expected to crest.

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