Mizzou Head Basketball Coach Frank Haith Will Not Appeal Five Game Suspension

Photo courtesy of MU photography.

Columbia, Mo – The NCAA has handed down sanctions in relation to a University of Miami investigation. Those sanction include a five-game suspension for  Missouri’s head basketball coach Frank Haith.

Missouri Head Coach Frank Haith in a statement said, "While I strongly disagree with today’s report, and the inference on how the program was run at the University of Miami, as head basketball coach during that period, I accept responsibility for all actions in and around that program."

Although Haith has the option to appeal the NCAA's ruling he said, "An appeal, which would likely drag further into the season, would only prolong what has already been a lengthy and trying period of time for our student-athletes, the University of Missouri and our fans, and it’s time for closure. "

The decision comes after a two-year investigation in which the NCAA found the some of the Miami Hurricanes coaches did not “exercise institutional control” over Nevin Shapiro, a former booster, and his interactions with the school’s football and basketball team members.

Mary austin, Senior Associate Athletics Director- Compliance for MU said, "We have reviewed the NCAAs ruling on the University of Miami’s infractions case, particularly its ruling on the allegations against Frank Haith.

We are supportive of Coach Haith’s decision to move forward, even though the option to appeal was there.  It’s very important to note that Coach Haith has been diligent and consistent in his efforts to promote an atmosphere of compliance at Mizzou.  Frank Haith is a head coach who exhibits cooperation and support of all compliance efforts with his program, and we are pleased to move forward as a team.”

Director of Athletics Mike Alden added that, "During his time here, Coach Haith has been forthright with me and our compliance staff throughout this long process.  After all this time, Coach Haith, his family, the University of Missouri, our student-athletes, and our fans, deserve closure.  We are extremely excited about the direction of our program and look forward to his continued leadership for our young men.  I’m proud to have Frank Haith as our men’s basketball coach."

Coach Haith was Miami’s head basketball coach during the time the NCAA believes possible violations occurred.

The Miami football program will lose nine scholarships, but won’t be banned from a bowl game.

Shapiro is serving a 20-year sentence for allegedly masterminding a $930 million Ponzi scheme.