Munsinger And Peirick Awarded 10th Annual Ty Quick Athletic Memorial Scholarship

Pictured is Kyle Quick presenting Katie Peirick and Molly Munsinger the Ty Quick Athletic Memorial Scholarship. (Photo courtesy of Katie Borcherding)  Below are excerpts from both recipient’s amazing essays.

NEW HAVEN, Mo. - On Friday May 15 at New Haven High School’s Annual Awards Breakfast Kyle Quick announced the recipients of the 10th Annual Ty Quick Athletic Memorial Scholarship to Katie Peirick and Molly Munsinger.  Both were awarded a $1,000 scholarship, making this year the first time that two scholarships were awarded.

Kyle Quick said on the behalf of his family, “In the 10 years we have never had such a difficult time trying to choose just one student.  This year we received seven outstanding applications.”

About the Ty Quick Athletic Memorial Scholarship.

The Ty Quick Athletic Memorial Scholarship was established in August 2005 after the death of my Brother Ty in a tragic car crash. There was nothing Ty was more proud of than being a Shamrock.

Ty’s family knew there was nothing more Ty would love than having a scholarship named after him for a high school he was so proud to have graduated from; New Haven High School.

Quick explained the process of how his family chooses a student to award the scholarship to.

“The most important aspect of choosing a student is to eliminate any possible biased decisions, so we black out the names on each scholarship and distribute them to all of Ty’s immediate family members,” said Quick. 

Along with evaluating each students involvement in extracurricular activities they must write an essay about:  “Who is someone at New Haven High/Middle School that has had the greatest impact on your life and who you are today?”

Quick added, “Both Molly and Katie’s essays, honestly brought tears to my eyes and many of my other family members said the same thing.  So I would like to share a few excerpts from both essays.”

Katie Peirick titled her’s A Tradition of Excellence Has No limitations.

“No one could ever replace the wonderful coaches and teachers that I have had at New Haven High.  They have taught me so many life long lessons; always be on time, do your homework, and enjoy life… but the person who has had the greatest impact on my life did not teach me geometry or any course material. She taught me to love and be myself.  This magnificent person is my best friend, Mackenzy Vedder.

Mackenzy possesses many incredible attributes.  She always gives 120% effort in whatever she does… she is one of the smartest people I know and whenever I need help with anything she is always there… she is a very selfless person and would do anything for anybody.

Mackenzy knew how much I loved playing volleyball and how excited I was to be playing my senior year, after sitting out my junior year due to a knee injury. 

But when I injured my other knee this past volleyball season, knowing I would never play volleyball again Mackenzy was always there.  Following my knee surgery, every single evening I would wake up after the pain pills wore off, I would look over to find Mackenzy sitting right beside me with a smile on her face.

When I returned to school Mackenzy pushed me around in my wheelchair, making sure I was as comfortable as possible.

Some may argue that a teacher has to be older than the person being taught. Mackenzy doesn't teach at a school nor is she older than me but she teaches me something everyday, to love and to be yourself, kindness goes a long way, and treasure the small things in life for they are the greatest.

A Tradition of Excellence means when excellence becomes tradition greatness has no limits and because of Mackenzy I have no limits.” 

Molly Munsinger

“Life is imperfect and we all have our ups and downs during our high school years.  However, there is always that one person who will inspire and influence your during your rollercoaster years.

]Throughout my four year I seemed to have found myself spending more time at school than at home… therefore, many teachers and coaches have become a part of my family.  There has been one teacher/coach who has had the greatest impact on my life throughout these past four years and that is Mr. Tucker.

Along the countless memories there is one I will always remember, which came last year at the State Track Meet Finals of the 4x400.  Right before the race Mr. Tucker could see how nervous I was.  I will always remember what he said, “Moly, run from the heart and you will succeed.”

Opportunities and challenges will come and pass, but the one challenge I will never regret taking is running in the 4x400 relay race that Mr. Tucker made me do.  I will remember to work hard and give my best in each single thing I do, with the sole purpose of making Mr. Tucker proud, to show him all his endless words were worth it.”

Congratulations to both Katie and Molly and we wish you both the very best in your future endeavors.