New Haven Preservation Society Sponsors Long Tradition Of Santa At The Walt

NEW HAVEN, Mo. - Santa Clause visiting the Walt Theater has been a long tradition dating back to 1940 when Walter Buchholtz first opened the theater on November 13, 1940 and over the past 74 years there have been many times when Santa was unable to visit the Walt.

Seven years ago the Walt was in need of a community organization to sponsor this time honored tradition and thanks to the New Haven Preservation Society, last Saturday (Dec. 13) kids and parents were treated to a free Christmas movie and a special appearance by Santa Clause following the show.

This young girl gave Santa two pictures she colored for him.

Over 80 kids who attended Saturday’s Santa at The Walt and when you include parents, there over 110 people attendance.

Each year Santa has made a surprise visit, giving children the opportunity to tell him what they want for Christmas.  After visiting with Santa, every child is giving a bag full of goodies, specially prepared by Santa’s elf’s.

Joan Menke who is a member of the Preservation Society said that should could remember going to the Walt to see Santa Clause.

Ellen Zobrist’s mother, the late Mrs. Marie Hebbler purchased the Walt in 1987.  Ellen, who was born in 1963, recalls going to see Santa when she was a kid as well.

Editor’s note:

For New Haven being a small town and the New Haven Preservation Society’s sponsoring of Santa at The Walt, speaks volume about our community.  We are blessed to have organizations such as the Preservation Society help in keeping a 74-year-old tradition alive.

There are very few, if any in our area, that offers a free show and a chance to visit with Santa.  I want to take this time to thank the Preservation Society along with all of the amazing New Haven organizations that make our community like none other.

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