North Callaway Basketball Coach comments about a foul in Wednesday night's semifinal of south callaway tournament

Photo from earlier in the game.

After New Haven’s win over North Callaway in Wednesday’s semifinal at the South Callaway Tournament, speculation arose concerning the foul by North Callaway’s Jacob Haubner on New Haven’s Kyle Ruediger and if it was an intentional foul or not.

North Callaway called timeout after New Haven went on a 7-2 running, giving them their largest lead in the game, 40-31.

Ruediger drove past Haubner, down the right side of the lane when Ruediger was knocked to the ground out of bounds, and had to be carried from the court.   Haubner’s foul occurred in New Haven’s first possession immediately following the timeout.

The assumption of an intentional foul was heightened after the comment made by North Callaway’s Head Coach Tim Turlington to Quick News’ Kyle Quick in our post-game interview.

We asked coach Turlington about the foul and how his player reacted.  At the end of our interview we asked Turlington about what fans had heard him say turning the timeout.

Before we were able to finish asking the question Turlington interrupted by saying, “I don’t really care… are you listening?  I am not going to get into that.  It was a hard play,unintentional, that’s it.”

We also spoke with the official who called the foul and he said, “What bothered me was that I said ‘go help him up’ [referring to Haubner to help up Ruediger] and he just ignored me.”

We have attempted to contact the Superintendent however our phone call has not been returned.

Below is audio of our post-game interview followed the play itself.