Owensville High School Student Inspires Remembrance Of Lives Lost On 9-11

By Kyle Quick (video of the story below.)

Owensville, Mo. - On Saturday, September 7th, 2013, twelve members of Owensville High School's Teen Age Republicans spent over four hours placing 2,977 American flags in front of their school.  Each flag represented each life that was lost on September, 11th, 2001.

OTAR Members include Emmy Dunlap, Hannah Estes, Andy Gerth, Courtney Hendrix, Justin Isom, Anna Koepke, Emily Koepke, Blaine McKinney, Landon McKinney, Caleb Mundwiller, Cassidy Prater, Kortney Smart, and Alison Walker.

Wednesday marked the third year the Owensville Teen Age Republicans (OTAR) have helped remind not only their classmates, but every car that passes by, of the loss of life in 2001.

Caleb Mundwiller, a freshman at the time, came up with the idea of placing flags in the school’s courtyard and helped establish OTAR.  This organization is a national youth-based group challenging, training, and assisting teens to become involved in their local, state, and national political processes.

While Mundwiller was only 5-years-old when America was attacked he said, "I do remember a little bit because I was in the hospital at the time of the attacks."

Pictured: Student Council President, Alynn Chaney.

Owensville High School began the day with a 9-11 ceremony led by Student Council President, Alynn Chaney, by first recounting the tragic events that took place 12 years ago.

Chaney said, "A terrorist group led by Bin Laden high-jacked four passenger airliners.  Two of which took out the World Trade Center...another hit the Pentagon.... One plane headed for the White House was taken down by the brave passengers of Flight 93."

"During the attacks many people offered aid and help...even in the face of danger they pushed the fear to the back of their head and pushed ahead."

Chaney spoke about the brave men and women who died while saving others, giving their life, making the ultimate sacrifice so others could live.

Chaney said, "These flags behind me are not just here in remembrance of the tragic event but they are also symbol to our country and in the face of horrific tragedy, we can all stand together as one.  Every day we express our love for our country in 31 familiar words."

After Chaney led his fellow classmates in the saying of the Pledge of Allegiance, the Troubadours under the direction of Mrs. Baker sang the National Anthem.

The 9-11 ceremony concluded with a moment of silence and the playing of taps by Mr. Palmer.

Caleb Mundwiller, the Owensville Teen Republicans, and all of the Owensville High School students, faculty and staff should be commended for giving up a few moments of their lives in order to honor and remember those who lost their life and others who gave their life in the name of freedom.

Mundwiller said, "I hope this spreads to other high schools in the area.  I think that would be pretty cool."