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Winter Weather Road Conditions Update

5:32 a.m. -If you are traveling in the St. Charles area conditions are extremely bad.  MoDot is asking people to delay their commute until later this morning.  The further east your travel the worse road conditions are.

Second MoDot truck just passed through New Haven.

5:11 a.m. - Report from Scott Coble in Wentzville saying roads are very slick, which is consistent with the forecast as you go further north and east temps are colder.

5 a.m. - Mixture of sleet and heavy rain falling.  Our Bank of Franklin County sign is showing a temp of 29 degrees however roadways are remaining wet, including sidewalks and parking lots.

You can watch our record live broadcast.  As of 4:45 a.m. light rain continues to fall however temps. are hovering at 32 degrees.  So far sidewalks and parking lots are staying wet and not freezing.