Severe Weather Overnight Causes Local Devastation at Smilin' Sam's

The building that housed mattresses was leveled by a huge tree that was uprooted.  The tree was similar in size to those still standing.

Campbelton, Mo. - High winds and a possible tornado caused centralized damage in the Campbellton area, causing devastation at Smilin’ Sam’s Furniture and Flooring overnight. 

Driving to the scene on Highway 185 from Highway 100, there was not much damage to be observed, other than a few small branches and a flipped trampoline.  It was not until our Quick News Crew was within sight of the business that other damage was witnessed; trees uprooted, debris in the roadway, all of which seemed to be isolated to the small area.

Pictured right: the metal roof was peeled off the building where Smilin' Sam's stores their larger equipment.

The majority of the damage sustained to the property was caused by the uprooting of a 50 year old tree onto the building that housed Smilin’ Sams’ mattresses.

Bruce Adams, Co-Owner of Smilin’ Sam’s stated, “The [mattress] building has been there for 20 years.  We have stuff scattered from the mattress warehouse, all the way over the hillside, over to the next fencerow, 1500 feet up the hill.”  

A total of 6 trees were uprooted on the property.  Two trees fell on top of each other near a propane tank; one shielding the other from demolishing the tank and causing further damage.

Pictured right: a large tree uprooted on the property with the boy standing next to it to give perspective on the size of the tree.

Another large tree fell onto their main office area, and although it did not crush the roof, some of the drywall inside the office cracked.  The roof of the building where their trucks are kept was peeled off by the wind.

Adams told Quick News, “In the 30 years we have been here we have never experienced anything like this.  It is unbelievable.”