Spare Parts Keeps Perfect Season Alive - Electrifying Lucas Oil Pro Truck Pull

By Kyle Quick

Tom Bruckerhoff flies to fourth stratight win.  (Watch amazing video footage below)

Owensville, Mo. - The Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League is one of the top National Pulling associations and Motorsport promoters across the country and Thursday night at the Gasconade County Fair, one of only four venues in Missouri to host the Lucas Oil Pro League this year, fans were literally blown away by the amount horsepower the trucks were generating.

The headline from Thursday night's truck and tractor pull comes from the Gateway Tractor Pullers 9200 Super Farm class, where Tom Bruckerhoff of Gerald, Mo. picked up his fourth straight win to remain undefeated after edging out New Haven's Barry Kormeier for the third straight Gateway Tractor Pull.

Bruckerhoff call his 1066IH tractor "Spare Parts", which is probably true with how consistent his pulls have been all year, Bruckerhoff most likely has a lot of "spare parts" laying around his shop.

Thursday night also marked the third straight Gateway Tractor Pull "Spare Parts" was able to hold off "Grow'n Up Green" (Pictured right) after Bruckerhoff's 1066IH won by just eight feet on July 5th in Warrenton, and two weeks ago at the Franklin County Fair, Bruckerhoff recorded his second best pull of the year,(335') holding off Kormeier once again.

With two Gateway Tractor Pulls remaining, Aug. 9th at Washington T&C Fair before ending the year in Rhineland at the Volunteer Fire Department Pull; will Bruckerhoff be able to hold off Kormeier or will "Grow'n Up Green" be able to make a few adjustments and spoil Bruckerhoff's run at a perfect season.

Thursday's Lucas Oil Pro Truck Pull featured three classes, the ARP Super Stock Diesel, 3.0 Diesel, and 2.6 Diesel.  Including Missouri, 35 trucks from eight states (IL, IN, KY, OH, PA, TN, & WI) brought some of the most powerful trucks you'll find in the country.

We had several people asking about what type of fuel these powerful beasts were burning and curious about the Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League.

Shockingly, the trucks were using nothing more than #2 Diesel fuel and over the counter additives.  The engines are finely tuned to maximize the amount of horsepower, generating anywhere between 2500 to one truck's 2800 horsepower engine.

To help put these numbers into perspective; a Ford F-150's engine is about 200 horsepower and a top of the line Shelby Mustang can have as much as 600 horsepower.

Another interesting fact we found out while talking to Chris (Collects data during races for a company he works for in Michigan) was measuring the speed of each truck at 150 feet.  On average the trucks were traveling 17 mph but by the time they reached the 200 to 250 foot mark, they were reaching speeds between 35 to 40 mph.

Thursday's truck pull would never have been possible if not for fair board member Amy Estes and the countless other volunteers who gave their own time taking care of the track and all the work that goes into putting on such a huge event.

The amount of time I spent covering the tractor pull I witnessed a glimpse of how much work and time these wonderful people put in to make it possible for spectators to enjoy events like these.  Why do they do it; that I can't answer.

I do know they not only volunteer 100% of their time, they also buy their own tickets to get into the fair so they can essentially work for free.

Pictured Amy Estes (on left) talks with Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League officials before the start of Thursday night's Truck and Tractor Pull.

It takes a very unselfish person to do such a thing.  So you cross paths with someone you noticed working at the fair, say thank you, because otherwise there wouldn't be a fair to go to.

From all of us at, we would like to say thank you and appreciate all your hard work.

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Again we would like to thank Amy Estes for all she did for QuickNewsNow, making it possible for us to bring you the upclose action packed videos and amazing photos.