Storms Barrel Through Dropping Over Inch Of Rain In 20 Minutes Knock Down Power Lines

NEW HAVEN, Mo. - Severe Thunderstorms Barreled through New Haven and surrounding areas leaving behind downed power lines and significant rainfall totals.

According to the City of New Haven’s weather station, approximately 1.4 inches of rain has fallen between 7 p.m and 9 p.m. 

When storms first hit the New Haven area around 7 p.m. 1.3 inches of rain fell in less than 20 minutes, which calculates at a rate of seven inches per hour.

A reader from Owensville,Eileen Rhodes, sent us this photo as storms approached the Owensville are.

Fortunately no major damage has been reported as of 9 p.m. however one tree on Dissen Road took out a power line leaving a small number of residence without power, that is according to the Ameren UE’s power outage map.

Pictured below are the downed power lines on Dissen Road approximately one mile south of Highway E.

The photo below was sent by Michelle Crawford earlier this evening shortly after 7 p.m. from Washington, Mo. looking west.

Below are photos taken by Kyle Quick looking west.