Strong Storms Moving Along Higway 47 From Washington to Warrenton

UPDATED: 5:38 p.m. - Storm shifts east of Hermann and New Haven.

The track of the storm has shifted slightly eastward and is moving northwest along Highway 47, already having impacted St. Clair, Union and Washington.

Reports from towns and areas west of Washington are only receiving light rain at this time after the heaviest rain has slide past towns west of Washington.

Heavy rain continues to fall in Union, Washington and has begun in Marthsville, Aspenhoff, Hopewell and Truesdale.

It appears as if the storm is going to slide just west of Innsbrook.

Radar indicates heavy rainfall in Warrenton and westward towards Pendelton.

Use caution while driving in heavy rain, particularly on the interstates as this storm cell is now approaching I-70 areas between Warrenton and High Hill.

NOTE:  No warnings have been issued.

More information is being put together as we speak.  If you have any weather photos or information please post on our Facebook page at

Photo was taken by Kaylin Bade in Beaufort, Mo. about 20 minutes ago.  This is a correction.