Upcoming Events At New Haven Senior Center This Summer

By Harold Ray

NEW HAVEN, Mo. - Are you ready for summer?  Just in case you didn’t know it, it started officially this week.  Unofficially, it started several days ago.  Hope you are keeping cool, especially our Seniors.  If you are having trouble paying your electric bill, let someone know.

I shouldn’t have said anything a couple of weeks ago about not having any death notices.  Since that time, we have several.  Timothy Unger passed away on June 3rd, Peggy Klott, June 8th; James Rouse, June 9th; Elfrieda Allersmeyer, June 13th, and Kenneth Alberswerth June 18th.  Our thoughts and prayers to all of the families.

We still have gift cards available for purchase.  Buy them for family members or friends.  Perhaps someone would come if they were given a lunch ticket.

Also remember that our raffle will be on July 3rd.  That doesn’t give you much time to purchase tickets!  The proceeds go to the Senior Center to cover expenses.  The ladies spent a lot of time on the quilts and others donated items you will enjoy.  Thanks to Joani Panhorst for all her hard work in getting the tickets sold.

Yesterday was the pinochle party.  I will try to remember to print the winners this time.  I believe Chief Shieble will be with us tomorrow.

Starting off July is Bill Crowley on the 1st and Frances Brooks will share her gospel songs on the 3rd.  Jim Landolt is on stage on July 8th with his toe-tapping music and Sandy Englebrecht will make beautiful music on the 10th.  Glenn & Herbie will lend a country sound to their music on the 15th and our Birthday Bash will be on the 17th with Joan Eckerle providing the music.

Twenty reasons I Owe My Mother:  My mother taught me about weather.  “This room of yours looks as if a tornado went through it.”

Come and enjoy good food, good friends and cool breezes.  If you need transportation, call 237-5109; or for information, 237-4009.  We hope to see you Thursday.