Votes Tallied For New Haven Care Center Top Decorated Doors

The votes have been tallied for the best Christmas decorated doors at the New Haven Care Center.  We had over 200 people cast their vote.  The top three will each receive a gift certificate.

Drum roll please… receiving 115 (52%) votes Door #5 is your winner, decorated by Amanda Zeiss, Mutzie Hunter, Michelle Rehmert, and Lisa Penn.

Door #4, decorated by Holly Dolan and Brenda Turner took second place with 40 votes (18%).

Rounding out the top three was Door #1 36 votes (16%), decorated by Nina Boehmer.

Orginal story
New Haven, Mo
. - We need your help in choosing the top 3 decorated doors at the New Haven Care Center.

This past month New Haven Care Center’s staff spent time decorating residents’ doors, helping to make it a special Christmas for them.

Many of the staff members spent their own time by coming in on a day off to decorate, which shows how much the Care Center’s staff cares about their residents.

Most of all the decorations and wrapping paper was donated by people from our community and is a testament of how much the Care Center is supported by the New Haven Community.

As you can see from the photos Administrator Dottie Pataky said, “It’s impossible for me to choose the best decorated door, particularly when you see how much time staff members spent.”

So Dottie has asked us to help and let the community decide and the top three vote getters will each be given a gift certificate.

Dottie said, “The facility is going to have a Sub Sandwich day for all of our staff for participating and making this Christmas a special one.”

Choose which door is your favorite and the top three that receive the most votes will be our winners.  Voting will end on January 7th.

We like making things exciting, which is why the results will not be displayed however we will post random updates of which doors are winning.