Want Great BBQ or Cajun Cuisines - Bare Bones BBQ A Must Try Restaurant

The Gerald Chamber of Commerce welcomes Bare Bones BBQ with ribbon cutting.

Pictured left to right: Gerald Mayor Otis Schulte, Shannon Wright, Kaylee Wright, Gage Wright, Danny JR Wright, newly appointed Alderperson Annett Justus, and chamber member Kelley Angell.

Rosebud, Mo. -  Bare Bones BBQ, located on Highway 50 between Gerald and Rosebud, Mo,. is a one of a kind family owned restaurant, where I promise you will leave only wanting to come back for more of their speciality smoked meats and Cajun cuisines that'll make you feel like your in Louisiana.

Bare Bones BBQ features some of the best recipes from across the United States after Danny Wright SR spent decades traveling with the Anheuser-Busch Clydesdales, collecting recipes for smoking meat from states like Texas and Louisiana.

Danny Wright SR's collection of recipes and his son's (Danny Wright JR) determination to open a restaurant, Bare Bones BBQ was born.

Growing up Dany Wright JR quickly learned the art of smoking from years of watching his dad come home with different ways and recipes he picked up during his travels, Danny JR has become the driving force in offer customers some of the best BBQ from across the US.

Instead of having to travel to New Orleans, the mother of Cajun cuisines or Amarillo Texas known for their variety of amazing BBQ, now when you feel like some great Cajun food or smoked BBQ head to Bare Bones BBQ and enjoy their large variety anytime you want.

"We want families to not worry whether or not they can afford to go out to eat.  I come from a small family and understand the cost of taking your family out to dinner, which is why we focus on making sure all our prices are affordable."

Even though Danny JR has learned how to smoke meats his dad, Danny SR still has the final say.

Danny JR said, "My mom (Shannon) is kind of the face of Bare Bones, she takes care of greeting customers and taking orders while dad and I are usually hidden in the back doing the cooking."

We I say family owned, that includes Danny JR's cute daughter Kaylee, who helps wait on customers.  Make sure to tip her good.  No, what sets Bare Bones BBQ apart is the family atmosphere you are guaranteed every time.

Almost forgot to mention, while they have a regular menu, which you can download by clicking here, Danny JR is extremely creative so you never know what he might have cooked up for that day, making Bare Bones BBQ truly one of a kind.

Download their menu.

Located 2493 Highway 50, Rosebud MO 63091


Wed & Thurs: 11a - 8p
Fri. & Sat: 11a - 9p
Sunday - 12p - 6p