Letters to Editor

Basketball Can Be A Game Of Heartbreak

Pictured is the New Haven 5th Grade Basketball Team.

By Steve Roth

--Unfortunately the 5th grade Shamrocks experienced a bit of heartbreak Saturday in the finals of the St. Clair Junior Bulldogs tournament.

We had played one of our best games of the year in the play-in round Friday night, beating Sullivan 36-22. On Saturday morning we took on a tough and physical Pacific team but survived, 27-25. We handled St James in the semifinal 30-20 which got us a championship date with Owensville.

The 5th grade Dutchmen are pretty clearly the top team in the area. We had lost to them twice before: Once in the Hermann tournament where they pretty much ran us out of the gym, and again in the finals of the Owensville tournament where we had a chance to win until late in the game, when again their speed and size took us over.

We Are Blessed To Have The Walt Theater

Letter to the Editor:

I hope everyone in the New Haven area who enjoys movies will come out and continue supporting the Walt Theater.  My family went again last night and it wasn't very crowded. 

For 3 people we paid $15 admission and $9 popcorn and drinks.  The other theaters in the area would have been $24 for tickets and $30 for popcorn and drinks.   The Walt Theater is showing first run great movies.

April Is National Child Abuse Prevention Month - How Can You Help

By Debbie Plummer

It’s April! We can think about spring finally arriving…. flowers blooming…. warm breezes blowing….cool showers falling….children being abused. Whoa! Something not quite right about that last thought?

You are correct. There is something very wrong about child abuse and April is the month that we try make everyone aware of the problem and what they can do to help.


Blue And White Night Raises $22,500 For Hermann School District

HERMANN, Mo. - The 4th Annual Blue and White Night silent auction and gun raffles was once again a huge success, raising $22,500.  The money raised is used to purchase technology related items for the Hermann School District.

Committee member Miranda Anderson said, “Our goal each year is to meet the needs of the largest number of students.”

“The Blue and White Night committee would like to thank you for your continued support of Blue & White Night.  Whether you attended, donated or promoted the event by word of mouth, we are grateful!”, said Anderson. 

HADH Auxillary Fashion Huge Success - A Special Thank You

HERMANN, Mo. - Hermann Hill Village set the perfect mood for Spring, helping the Hermann Area District Hospital Auxiliary’s 12th Annual Fashion Show once again a huge success.  The table center pieces with daffodils, crocus, and hyacinth filled the air with spring fragrances.

Thank you to Terry & Peggy Hammer and the staff of Hermann Hill Village for making this a memorable event.

A thank you goes out to those that made party favors, volunteered at the fashion show at the ticket and raffle tables, and donors of auction items and the valets. 

Information On Scenic Regional Library Proposed 10-Cent Tax Levy

Letter to Editor
By Steve Campbell

Scenic Regional Library has a tax levy measure on the April 8 ballot and if the measure passes our first priority is a new facility in New Haven.

Most people find it almost unbelievable that the library hasn’t had a single tax increase in its entire 55-year history; it’s still operating with the same 10-cent levy it began with in 1959.  It’s no surprise that compared to other libraries, Scenic Regional is poorly funded.

Among 133 public libraries, its tax rate is the third-lowest in Missouri. And while schools also receive federal funds, 96% of the library’s revenue is derived from local property tax. The library doesn’t receive any federal funds and very little money from the state.

Pending Legislation Could Have Detrimental Effects On USPS

Dear Editor,

As you may know already, legislation is pending in Washington, D.C. that could have detrimental long-term effects on the country’s most trusted federal government agency — the United States Postal Service.

Senate Bill S. 1486 would eliminate good-paying middle-class jobs, hurt small businesses and directly hinder the ability of the USPS to hire veterans who have sacrificed so much already.

Did you know that the USPS is the largest civilian employer of veterans? S. 1486 would pave the way to eliminating Saturday delivery, thereby hindering the USPS from hiring veterans to  continue to serve the country they love.

Letter to Editor: Don't believe what you read in the newspaper

UPDATE:  We have received numerous phone calls requesting to read what was sent to the Leader.  Click here to download the document.

You, Buck Collier New Haven Leader Editor, sent out questionnaires to the mayoral candidates to be filled out.  The questionnaire stated they should make it as short or as long as they felt necessary.

You (Collier) then opted to pick and choose what you wanted to use out of the answers given.  All information given to you (per your request) should have been printed as it was given to you.

You (Collier) then felt obligated to inject your personal opinion on the front page as opposed to putting another candidate's answer there.  

You sir, were not the one taking calls from concerned citizens about the issue of taxes, my husband and I were. It was a mistake not to say "property tax", which is what this was all about, not sales tax.  

After listening to those citizens, we could see their point of view; they are simply worried about someone not having their best interest at heart.

Armed Teachers are Last Line of Defense

By Dan Terry

On December 30, 1974, a 17 year old male with a hunting rifle began shooting people at the Elementary school in Olean, New York. He began at 2:50 p.m. The wounded were evacuated at 5:20, and he was taken down afterward. He killed three, wounded eleven. One of the murdered victims was simply driving past the school.

Firearm related tragedies in public places, including schools, are nothing new. The question remains: How do we stop it? Take guns away from everyone? Worked in Europe, right?