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Third And Fourth Graders Celebrate Father’s Day At Summer School - Desserts With Dad

Along with having dessert, dads and their daughter/son played several games of BINGO and some dads brought along their dad as pictured above. (Check out our photo slideshow below.)

NEW HAVEN, Mo. - Because Father’s Day always recognized after school has already let out for the summer, New Haven Elementary Summer School’s third and fourth graders wanted to do something as a way of honoring their dad.

Four Classroom Addition To NHHS Placed On Hold Indefinitely After Missouri Senate Overrode Veto Of SB 509

NEW HAVEN, Mo. -  The project of adding a four-classroom wing to the high school has been placed on hold indefinitely after the New Haven School Board voted to reject all bids for construction of the new wing.

However, the board did approve a lease purchase of $500,000 and accepted a bid for HVAC of the middle school wings and all but the oldest wing of the high school. (Completion date is set for August 1.)

“The sole reason for putting the new addition on hold was because the Missouri Legislator overrode Gov. Nixon’s veto of Senate Bill 509.  They’re saying that starting in 2017 school funding could be stagnant or even decline”, said New Haven Superintendent Kyle Kruse.  “The potential effect SB 509 will likely have on state school funding would make it difficult for the district to make payments on the backend of the lease purchase for construction of the new wing.”

One Of The Most Memorable New Haven High School Graduations

Pictured:  New Haven High School Valedictorian Seth Schenck.

By Kyle Quick

NEW HAVEN, Mo. - The 2013-14 school year along with the class of 2014 will hold a special place in the history of New Haven High School.  The school year will be remembered as the year NHHS saw a new principal, Josh Hoener, so eloquently build upon the foundation, “Tradition of Excellence”, that was laid out by his predecessor Tim Strobel.  It will also be remembered as the year when two legendary teachers decided to retire, but more importantly it will be remembered by the 50 extraordinary students that graduated from NHHS.

Lovelace Selected For William N. Kelley Family Scholarship

NEW HAVEN, Mo. - Graden Lovelace, has been honored as New Haven High School’s tenth recipient of the William N. Kelley Family Scholarship from the Class of 2014.

The “William N. Kelley Family Scholarship for Science & Engineering Scholarship” was established by the William N. Kelley family, Mary, Bill, Bill, Jr., and Tim, to show their appreciation for the educational opportunities offered by the New Haven School District and to encourage the future of science and engineering in America.

Slocum Recipient Of Scheer Memorial Scholarship

Pictured left is Jenna Slocum after she was announced the recipient of the Scheer Memorial Scholarship.

NEW HAVEN, Mo. - New Haven High School senior Jenna Slocum is this year's recipient of New Haven High School’s oldest privately endowed scholarship:  the Scheer Memorial Scholarship.

Jenna, the daughter of Terry and Janette Slocum, received the scholarship worth $5,000 at the school's 108th annual commencement exercise last Friday night. The Scholarship is payable during a four year period.