The 13 Most Dramatic Super Bowl Moments Of...All...Time!!!


13. John Riggins Steamrolls Don McNeal, Super Bowl XVIII

THE SETUP: In the fourth quarter of Super Bowl XVIII, the Redskins were trailing 17-13. Running back John Riggins, who had been carrying the team, tore off this 43-yard touchdown run, during which he discarded Dolphins cornerback Don McNeal like a dog shaking off water. The score put Washington ahead for good.

THE PAYOFF: The Redskins won 27-17, and Riggins had 166 yards on a grueling 38 carries, earning him Super Bowl MVP.

On this day in 1967...

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Coach Vince Lombardi during pre-game warm-ups before Super Bowl I.

...the first Super Bowl was played.  It was held in Los Angeles, California where the Green Bay Packers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs, 35-10.

Since then, the Super Bowl has grown into a nationally celebrated event, which includes 1.25 billion chicken wings, 11.2 million pounds of potato chips, and 9 million pieces of Domino's Pizza.

According to Fox Sports, the Super Bowl brings $150 million to its hosting city through fans, sponsors, and media.

There are no remaining tapes of Super Bowl I, but here is the game recap from 46 years ago...

Shamrocks take second in South Callaway Tournament - Lady Bearcats win third stratight

 Pictured left Ross Seitter scored a team high 11 points, hitting three from downtown.  Right: Emily Kallmeyer hit double figures for second game in a row with a team high 12 points on six of ten shooting.

Photos by QuickNewsNow contributor Megan Bauer.

South Callaway, Mo. – Saturday marked the first time New Haven had both teams playing in the championship games of the South Callaway Tournament.  The Lady Rocks upset number three-seeded North Callaway and the Shamrocks knocked off the number four-seeded North Callaway boy’s team.

Shamrock fans would have liked a different out come but considering the circumstances both coaches was happy with their team’s efforts.  The Lady Bearcats went on to win at least third straight title, improving to 13-2 while New Haven falls to 9-5 in Saturday’s loss, 41-26.

Part 2 of 2: Girls assistant varsity coach gives heartfelt speech about Coach Dave Luecke

New Haven, Mo – Last Monday, High School Athletic Director Ray Steinhoff began the Athletic Banquet by delivering an emotional speech about Dave Luecke’s departure from New Haven High School.

Steinhoff was one of several coaches who expressed their sadness about Coach Luecke’s departure, acknowledging the dedication and compassion for New

Part 1 of 2 – High School Athletic Director delivers blunt speech about Coach Luecke’s departure. Video of Steinhoff’s entire speech

New Haven, Mo – High School Athletic Director, Ray Steinhoff, began Monday night’s Athletic Banquet, delivering an emotional speech about Dave Luecke’s departure from New Haven High School.

Steinhoff said, “For all of us [coaching staff] this is somewhat a bittersweet night.”  Steinhoff said that he felt it was important to mention; “There is also a lot of sadness on the part of us [coaching staff] and really the entire high school faculty as well as our student body I believe.”