Gov. of Oklahoma Announces Today Federal Assistance Granted for Oklahomans Devastated by Tornadoes

Pictured left, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin on site, speaking with survivors of the Shawnee Tornado.  Photo courtesy Oklahoma Governor's Office.

Oklahoma City - Gov. Mary Fallin announced today that the White House has approved the state's request for disaster assistance for five Oklahoma counties hit hard by this week’s deadly tornadoes.

The disaster assistance benefits individuals and business owners impacted by the severe storms that occurred May 18 and continuing in Cleveland, Lincoln, McClain, Oklahoma and Pottawatomie counties.

Gov. Fallin noted with additional damage assessments other counties could be added to the declaration.

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Severe Weather Overnight Causes Local Devastation at Smilin' Sam's

The building that housed mattresses was leveled by a huge tree that was uprooted.  The tree was similar in size to those still standing.

Campbelton, Mo. - High winds and a possible tornado caused centralized damage in the Campbellton area, causing devastation at Smilin’ Sam’s Furniture and Flooring overnight. 

Driving to the scene on Highway 185 from Highway 100, there was not much damage to be observed, other than a few small branches and a flipped trampoline.  It was not until our Quick News Crew was within sight of the business that other damage was witnessed; trees uprooted, debris in the roadway, all of which seemed to be isolated to the small area.

Area Roads Closed and Flood Warnings Issued Overnight

The Franklin County Highway Department informed our office of the following road closures due to high water:

Detmold Road, Hoeman Road,
St. John’s Creek, Boeuf Lutheran,
Argo Road, Dry Branch Road at the slab, Beemont Road, Horstman Road, Robertsville Road,
Old Hwy K (20 ft from Project Rd),
and Four Mile Road (at St Johns Creek).

Two Inches of Snow in May? First Snowfall in Kansas City Since 1907

Photos were taken in Kansas City, Mo around 9 p.m. Thursday night.
Photos courtesy of Sarah Voss from Kansas City, Mo

By Kyle Quick

Kansas City, Mo. - Winter Weather Advisory in the month of May and no pigs are not flying in Kansas City, Mo. where they are expected to get 1 to 2 inches of snow tonight according to the National Weather Service.

We spoke briefly with Sarah Voss, who lives in Kansas City, Mo. about their current weather conditions.

The photos Sarah sent us were taken around 9 p.m. when the heaviest amount of snow was falling.  Sarah reports the snow has only be sticking to grassy areas and sidewalks.

Heavy Downpours Cause Road Closures - Powerful Storms Possible Wednesday Night

We took this photo earlier this evening on Boeuf Lutheran Road.

Several roads have been closed due to low level crossings.  Locally, we know of the following roads that are closed: Boeuf Lutheran Road between Highway C and Gerding School Road, Hoemann Road along with Detmold Road.

Please drive slowly in low-lying areas and "Don't Drown - Turn Around" when you see water.
Just over a month on Mar. 13 after heavy down pours throughout the day, emergency crews responded to Detmold Road for a water rescue thanks to one driver’s failed attempt of crossing three feet of water left him stranded and sitting on top the roof of his vehicle.

Confirmed Tornado Touchdown Wednesday Night Near St. Albans, Mo

The NWS provided an illistration, showing the path of a confirmed tornado touchdown near St. Albans.

Click on image to enlarge.

Franklin County, Mo. – Early Friday evening the National Weather Service released their second Storm Damage Survey Results after powerful storms hit areas across Franklin County.

This evenings report confirms a tornado touching down near St. Albans, Mo.

The NWS released their first report late Thursday night saying, “Several Microbursts occurred within the Sullivan area, producing narrow swaths of significant straight line winds with speeds of 100 mph reported by an automated weather station at the Sullivan Airport.”

Storms Blast Franklin County - 911 Center Down For Over An Hour

Pictured is the front portion of a house in Union, Mo. on Washington Street that collapsed during last night storms.

Franklin County, Mo. – Wednesday evening powerful thunderstorms plowed through Franklin County leaving behind a widespread area of destruction and Governor Nixon declaring a State of Emergency.

Sherriff Gary Toelke said this morning that Sullivan was one of the hardest hit areas, suffering a substantial amount of damage after 100 mph winds were reported at the Sullivan Airport.

Stroms Rip Through Franklin County

Wednesday evening storms tear apart roof of church.

Union, Mo. – This evening’s severe storms left behind wide spread damage across much of Franklin County keeping emergency crews busy.

Wednesday evening around 6 p.m. storms began ripping through Union, St. Clair, Washington, Sullivan, and areas near I-44 and Highway 100.