BREAKING NEWS: Historical Night In Hermann - Linda Lampkin Picks Up 800th Career Win

Assistant Coach Phil Landolt hands Head Coach Linda Lampkin the game ball after winning her 800th career win.

Below you can watch the final points and Coach Lampkin's reaction.

Hermann, Mo. - Moments ago, at 4:53 p.m., Hermann High School Head Volleyball Coach Linda Lampkin picked up her 800th career win, defeating Owensville 25-21, 26-24, making her the first coach in the state of Missouri to ever reach 800 wins, making her the all-time winningest coach.

Lampkin's 800th win also makes her the 23rd winningest coach in the Nation and 16th in winning percentage.

Tonight's win over Owensville improves Lampkin's 33 year career record to 800-284-39.

More impressive yet, Lampkin's high school classmate, Coach Alan Speckhals, has assisted Lampkin throughout her 33 years.

Much more, including reactions from players, coaches, as well Coach Lampkin herself to come from Quick News.